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You’ve Got This!

Have you become an instant homeschool family? I’m sure you are feeling unsure of what to do and how your child will continue to be educated in the manner in which they have been this school year. I know that many schools and homeschool groups are going to be having virtual classes online through Zoom. We have already been having those through my son’s karate school. But, I don’t want you to fret more than necessary! As a homeschool mom, I understand the uncertainty you are feeling in the area of teaching your children. I’ve felt that way a few times in my own homeschooling experience. It is a natural feeling.

There are so many outlets to help you! I encourage you to check online for free direct links to zoos and museums that are giving virtual and webcam tours. Some of these establishments even have educational downloads you can print for free.

Check out the following sites for printable downloads and videos or live feeds for zoos, aquariums, and museums: (When you click on each one, you will be redirected to their site. I am posting out the goodness of my heart. LOL. I am receiving no funds for this.)

Zoo With Us

Houston Zoo

San Diego Zoo

Georgia Aquarium

Aquarium of the Pacific

Art Museum: The Louvre

The British Museum

The Smithsonian National Museum


National Women’s History Museum

I encourage you to go online and search for even more! There are so many places that are trying to help you in this endeavor.

I, too, along with many others are providing you with FREE printable downloads of educational materials from our shops.

I encourage you to check outΒ

My shop is on the Teachers Pay Teachers site as well.

I have some helpful freebies on my site and have added this one recently:

Just remember–YOU CAN DO THIS! Look at this time as an opportunity to spend extra time with your children. They won’t be around forever. They grow up too quickly.

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