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Story Time!

Stories! How fun it is to sit and listen to a story being told! Especially a really good one!

During this times of hardship and uncertainty in our world, people have longed for a time to relax even if it is just a few minutes. They have longed to go somewhere even when they couldn’t actually go. That is when someone would take the time to sit and tell a story. That story would take peoples’ minds away from what was going on around them, even if it was just a few minutes. That story would allow them to travel to unknown lands and to feel an inner quietness.

Books and the stories in those books do just that.

That is why I have started recording live story telling times. I felt that our children needed a place to sit and listen. They would enjoy a time to laugh and be silly without worrying about the stress of the outside world. It would also give parents a time to relax just a few minutes.

I encourage you to join me at Story Time With Stacy at this link.Β I usually read a book or two each weekday. I sometimes have a free activity that you can download for your children to do that relates to the story that was read.

There is no cost to join. It is FREE. I enjoy reading to children. It brings back memories of reading books to children in my classroom, at home, and in the library when I was librarian. Your children will love it! AND I save the videos on that group site for you to watch and rewatch later.

I hope to open a youtube channel that will have the stories as well, but until then, enjoy a story or two with your children!

Again, here is the facebook link:

Story Time With Stacy Facebook Group

Have a great day!

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