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Stained Glass Wax Art

Here is a beautiful craft–Stained Glass Wax Art–that you can do with your children! Actually, you just may enjoy doing one yourself! I did! My son decided to do a multi-shape colored one, while I chose a flower design.

This was not a hard craft at all. A little time consuming, but not hard.

You will need the following supplies:

  • Black construction paper (8×11 size)
  • white paper, pencil
  • ruler
  • crayons
  • wax paper
  • tape
  • stick glue
  • scissors
  • paper towel
  • ironing board or wood cutting board (I opted for both)
  • iron

Step 1

Take your white paper and draw lines, shapes, or whatever you want the design for the window to be on it. Use a pencil to do this.thumbnail-408.jpeg

Step 2

Cut the wax paper to fit the size of your white paper. Cover the white paper drawing with the wax paper. Tape the sides down. This helps keep the paper and wax paper from slipping.

Step 3

Using your crayons, color the wax paper following your drawing on the white paper underneath as a guide. You will need to press a bit harder on the crayons to get a thick layer of color on each section. Just be careful to not break a crayon. (I did that. LOL)stained glass window art 1.jpg

Step 4

This part, you as the parent will need to oversee or do yourself. Place the wax colored drawing (colored side up) onto the ironing board. If you are using a wooden cutting board, place a paper towel under the wax paper so not to stick to the board. Cover the drawing with another piece of wax paper. Place a paper towel over that. This will keep the iron clean from wax. (Try not to look at my “dirty” looking iron in the photo! LOL) Iron half at a time giving full coverage to the art piece. This should heat up the crayon wax and will allow the wax paper and coloring to act as an adhesive. The end product is an ironed together wax drawing.Stained glass window art 2.jpg

Step 5

After the piece is cooled, cut around the edge of the artwork leaving about 1/2 inch of no colored wax paper around the colored part. Take your construction paper and place two pieces together. Fold them in half together. Carefully cut a center out. You are forming a frame for the picture. When done, paste the wax picture in between the two frames.Stained Glass Window Art 3.jpg

Now you are ready to place it in a window to enjoy!


I would love to know if you try this! Feel free to comment below and tag me on instagram or facebook with a photo of what you made! (@dyertyme)




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