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Let’s Study Plants!

Water. Soil. Sunlight. Chlorophyll. What do these have to do with each other? Plants!

In our homeschool, we are taking a deeper look at the plants around us and those we eat. We eat plants? Yes! Plants were the first food provided in the Garden of Eden. They provide much of what our body needs. We need plants and they need us. Plants need us? Of course! We work together.

Inspired by that idea, I created a plant lap book to help enforce the topics we have studied about plants. My son loves working on lap books. They are very tactile and provide an avenue for him to enhance his investigative and research skills. I have posted this plant lap book kit as a downloadable in my store. (This is not a free download, but is not costly.) Click on the name below and you will be linked to my store to view the product’s pages and description.

Plant Lap Book

As you can see in the pictures above, my son enjoyed working on this project. He loves to add color. He has since added the information text needed as well. This is a great way to add an extra “pop” to any plant study.

Another way we made studying plants fun was to eat them. We learned what parts of plants were edible. Who doesn’t like to eat? Especially when it comes to eating their work. My son laughed and said, “Hey, mom, no dog ate my homework, I did!” He is truly a genius. There are a few worksheets that you can download for free from online for a plant part eating activity, but I decided to make my own. I have also made it a FREEBIE for you as well to download. It too can be found on my TpT store. Feel free to visit the site and download the freebie for your own use.

Eating Plants Activity Sheet

I would love to see if any of you use these ideas in your own home with your children or even in your classroom. Comment in the posts below or post a pic of what your child or class did using these items on my facebook page Dyertyme@readingimagination or on instagram –tag @dyertyme.

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