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“Let’s Explore” Nature Journals

Exploring in nature is one my favorites things to do! I find myself doing it more and more–as I take a walk, drive down the road, ride my bike, etc. My son enjoys exploring God’s creation as well. This inspired me to begin creating my “Let’s Explore” nature journals. These journals are designed for children ages 8-12 to write and draw what they see around them in nature all the while learning about what they observe in nature.

Each nature journal is this series has a different region or habitat theme.

Journal #1: Woodland Nature Journal

woodland collage.jpg

Topics covered in this journal:

  • Woodland animal tracks
  • Weather observation and forecast
  • Observation skills of woodland animals, birds, frogs, butterflies, trees, mushrooms, flowers, spiders, and snails
  • Woodland animal identification
  • Parts of a bird, tree, snail, and mushroom identification (answer keys included)
  • Life cycles of Β a frog and butterfly (answer keys included)
  • Leaf rubbing artwork
  • Spider and snail facts (answer keys included)
  • General nature observation


Journal #2: Farmland Nature Journal

farmland ad pic.jpg

Topics covered in this journal:

  • Farm animal identification
  • Bird, Spider, plants, bee, and bat observations
  • General farm animal and plant observation
  • Weather observation and forecast
  • Life cycles of a chicken, bat, bee, and spider
  • Identifying and labeling parts of a spider, bee, and bat
  • Answer keys included


I’m very excited to be adding these nature journals to myΒ store (link here).

I created these journals to be used at home or in the classroom as an added activity to heighten the interest of children in nature. These are great to use on field trips as well!

Keep your eyes out for the next journals in this series:

  • “Let’s Explore! Wetland Nature Journal”
  • “Let’s Explore! Beach Nature Journal”

I encourage you to check out my shop for additional educational activities! Have a great day!




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  1. Kim (The Homeschooling Grammy says:

    These journals are wonderdul! You are so creative!!

    1. admin says:

      Thank you, Kim! They were a big hit at a recent Farmer’s Market as well. I set up a table next to my mamma and had such a great response! I am looking forward to making more in the series soon!

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