It’s Fall, Let’s Read!

So fall seems to have finally arrived in Florida where we live. I am from the midwest and grew up with seeing all the beautiful fall colors on the trees and enjoying the cool brisk fall air. Unfortunately, I do not get to experience fall in the same way in Florida. I’m not complaining, just stating facts. There are many good things about living in Florida in the fall. One of them is that we can read outside while the weather is still warm. I decided to put together a list of good fall books for children. My son has enjoyed these books and looks forward to reading them together again soon. Our theme for this month of November is thankfulness. I’m sure many of you have the same theme in your home as well. I like to ask my son each day in the morning one thing for which he is thankful. One of those things is books! No joke! Of course, that makes this mamma happy, because I absolutely love books as well! Now maybe you are thinking, “Well, books were not on my child’s top ten list of thankfulness” and sighed. Not every child loves to read. That is normal. I didn’t say that books were on my son’s top ten list, in fact lego bricks rated above books. But again, that is o.k. Tip #1: I have found that one way to help your child, whatever age they are, is to read aloud to them or with them. My mom used to sit in the hallway between us kids’ rooms when I was growing up, and would read a chapter from a book each night. We loved laying in bed listening to her read. Her voice made the book come alive in our minds. I do this with my son as well. Most every night, my husband or I will sit on the edge of our son’s bed and read a chapter or two from a book. My son loves this! Sometimes we finish the book this way, and sometimes our son will finish the book himself. Either way, he finds interest in books. Tip #2: Listen for interests your child has, and find books that center or mention those interests. My son loves animals, lego builds, history, etc. With that in mind, I find books that meet those interests. I will expand this thought in another post, but for now, take time to look and listen for those special interests of your child. Here is a list of Autumn books that my family has enjoyed: Bear Says Thanks    author- Karma Wilson Mary’s First Thanksgiving  and  P is for Pumpkin: God’s Harvest Alphabet author- Kathy-Jo Wargin The Fantastic Gifts of Fall     author- Dandi Daley Mackall The Berenstain Bears Thanksgiving Blessings     author- Mike Berenstain The Pumpkin Patch Parable and The Sunshine Parable                             author- Liz Curtis Higgs Little Tree     author- Loren Long

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