We visited our local WUCF/PBS t.v. and radio station. I called to set up the visit in advance. Our group consisted of several homeschool moms and kids. The WUCF/PBS field trip coordinator, Janice, had great morning activities planned for our group! We saw the recording studio where some shows are recorded and interviews are given. We also had the opportunity to work the t.v. cameras and and push some buttons in the producer’s area. Who doesn’t love pushing buttons?! We saw our group on the live screen as well. After our fun time in the studio part of the building, we went back to the conference room and watched some interesting and informative short videos from the PBS Learning Media about air pressure and robots. The children were given materials to build their own projects and well as goody bags. Β (The website www.florida.pbslearningmedia.org is a free site to anyone. There are so many learning videos for children to watch to enhance their STEM learning! Check it out!) Overall, our trip was a successful and informative one. I would encourage you to check out your own area’s WUCF/PBS station as a great field trip visit. This visit was a morning visit.