2020 Secret Santa Christmas Box Swap

Gifting Time!

It’s that time of year again!! Secret Santa Christmas Box Swap!!

I was so blessed to be invited once again to do a yearly gift exchange through the Secret Mom Christmas Box Swap which consisted of a fabulous group of moms! Thank you Ingrid at for hosting this! Below I post who sent me a special gift! To see who I sent my gift to, check out the playlist I-&jct=Xg_CNdQisksunxRnz6rCyKH36H1oQg .

Being able to send a secret gift and receive one was such a highlight of this year! We all have had quite a tumulus and uncertain year, so this act was a bright spot! I had such a great time picking out some fun favorites for my secret mom! (That will be revealed by her at the link above!) Yet, I must be honest and tell you that waiting for my gift made me feel like a kid on Christmas morning again! My son and I both were anxious to receive the box! Receiving mail is a family affair in my home!

The box arrived!!

On the day that the box arrived, my son carried it in with all smiles and called me to come see it! I was dying to open it, but seeing as we were getting ready to leave, I held off until we returned home. That just about killed me!

After getting home, I sat by our little tree and slowly opened the box. I wanted to rip into it, but my son was taking pictures of each reaction as I opened the box. Ha Ha!

Who is my secret Santa??

Who was my secret mom????? I receive a box from Becky at ! Her YouTube channel is Russells loving life at .

She sent such a sweet gift of some of my favorites!! Reeses cups!! YUMMY!! (Which my son informed me that I needed to share those. LOL) Black Cherry scented wax fills and an absolutely beautiful farmhouse barn for my scented wax fills!! I cannot WAIT to put this into my new home!! (Hopefully we will be in it in March!)

“Giving to others will not take away from what you have but will in fact add to your life.”

Catherine Pulsifer

Thank you so much, Becky!! I love each gift you sent!! You made me one happy mom with your gift!! Thank you for being such a wonderful blessing!

I must say, if you haven’t visited her blog or YouTube channel, you really need to do so! She has such great homeschooling and parenting advice! I have enjoyed getting to know her through both media outlets! Not only do we have homeschooling as common ground, but our boys are both black belts in martial arts!! It is so fun to see her kiddos progress in school and extra curricular activities!

I must thank you, reader, for taking the time to read my little post! I hope it was an encouragement to you to do something for someone else this Christmas season! Giving IS truly a blessing! I had fun doing so myself! Be a blessing to someone today!

“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.”

Ben Carson

God Bless,


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  1. I am so happy you loved your box! I saw the farmhouse and it screamed your name! Merry Christmas! πŸ‘ΌπŸŽ„

  2. How fun! That Barn is beautiful and looks perfect on your table. Don’t forget to share those Reese’s LOL

  3. The Ingrid Chronicles says:

    I love, love it all! You were spoiled my friend!

  4. What a fun box to receive!! Merry Christmas!!

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