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Christmas Reads

Christmas decorating is now done and now I can focus on upcoming Christmas parties and get togethers. I love, love, love Christmas time for so many reasons. The first being that this is the season that we celebrate the birth of Christ and the beginning of the gospel being fulfilled. 

I love Christmas time because it is a time that seems to bring family close together for fellowship. I love the decorations, lights, treats, and traditions. Many of you have many traditions that have been passed from generation to generation and some you made with your own family. We have some. I will share those on another post. But, for today, I wanted to share one tradition–reading one Christmas book starting December 1 to December 25 for each day. On Christmas Eve, we like to read together Luke chapter 2 about the birth of Christ. 

I have decided to share some of the books that we read. **I have made some FREE downloadable coloring and activity pages for Christmas that go along with some of these books. Feel free to download them from my TpT store

The books pictured below can easily be found on Amazon, Ebay, Barnes and Noble, or your local library. I have gotten one or two books each year for Jared since he was born and given it to him on Christmas. Sometimes we get a plush animal to go with it. (Kohls for kids is great for this. $5 for a book and $5 for a plush! Great deal! So, keep your eyes open at Kohls.)

Now, Christmas celebrations and decorations can be a topic of debate for some households. What to celebrate? What type of decorations to put up? What type of books to read? I’m not going to debate with anyone, because one must do what is best for their own family. In our house, we do put up a few antique wooden Santas for decoration, a tree, stockings, a manger scene, light up town scenes, etc… Some agree with that and some do not. I’m ok with that. I would prefer if you comment, that you comment with a pleasant tradition you and your family do or a Christmas book that your family enjoys reading. I do not wish for negativity to be commented. Christ is Joy Himself come down. We  as Christians should reflect that Joy in our own life to others. 

Now, on to the books! Introducing books to my son at a very early age influenced him to love reading.  Here are a few books that we read together around Christmas. Some are just for fun and others are for a more spiritual lesson.  Enjoy!

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