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¡Hola!   ¿Cómo te ha ido? Bien! ¡Bienvenido el mes de la Herencia Hispana!

Hello! How have you been? Good! Welcome to Hispanic Heritage Month!

This month I joined some homeschooling mammas in celebrating Hispanic culture and influence by creating a Hispanic country lesson in a box.

This collaboration was headed by Ingrid The Ingrid Chronicles. Here are all the channel links for this lesson in a box collaboration:

As you can see, I prepared a box about Colombia, South America for Tatiana Tati’s Place – Large Family Favor   , and we received a lesson box on Argentina, South America from Erica Homeschool Happens.

I decided to have my son do a study on both Colombia and Argentina. Why not?

Colombia Lesson Box

Below is a picture of what I included in the Colombia Lesson Box sent to Tatiana.



I included crafts about animals that live in Colombia’s rainforest and grassy plains. I found these at DLTK’s Crafts for Kids. Here are just a few of the animal crafts along with a picture of the animal. (Animal photos from .)

Colombia animal squirrel monkey craft 1Colombia andean condor craft 1Colombia animal craft scarlet macaw 1Colombia animal craft yellow poison frog 1Colombia bat craft 1


There are many games that Colombian children play. One favorite game is Canicas (marbles). Here is a picture of my son playing this game.


Recipes and Snacks:

We are very excited to cook up some Colombian and Argentinian foods! We will be doing so this next week. The following recipes are what we will be making:

Argentina Foods:

  • Budin (sweet bread) recipe from the book Eat Your Way Around the World by Jamie Aramini
  • Steak Chimichurri Pasta recipe from the book The Cultured Chef: An International Cookbook for Kids by Nicholas Beatty & Coleen McIntyre

Colombian Foods:

We also will be adding Colombian chocolate to our milk to make cocoa and eating some Colombian sweets found in the international isle at our Publix grocery market.

Books about Colombia:

Here are the books that we used to study and read about Colombia in addition to online research:

  • Colombia: Enchantment of the World by New Yomtov
  • Biblioburro: a true story from Colombia by Jeanette Winter
  • My Name is Gabito: The Life of Gabriel Garcia Marquez by Monica Brown
  • Saturday Sancocho by Leyla Torres

The book about Colombia was so detailed in its description of Colombia. We were able to find almost everything needed to complete the country lap book. The three picture books listed, were such a joy to read! Very vivid colors and well written.

Country Lap Book:

When I was staring to put the Colombia lesson box together, I tried to think of a fun way in which the children of different ages could record what they learned about the country. That is how I came up with the country lap book idea. This lap book is quite a fun project to do about ANY country. My son is having fun coloring it and making it his own work. The country lap book can be purchased in my TpT Shop here.

Colombia lap book pictures collage.jpg

Needless to say, I think I went overboard with my contents sent to Tatiana and her children. LOL. But, Colombia was such a great country to study! There were so many things I wanted to send, but didn’t. (I didn’t want to overwhelm her! LOL) I am excited to see how she and her children use the items sent!

Argentina Lesson Box:

Here is what the sweet Erica sent us in our Argentina Lesson Box.


We were quite excited to receive our box in the mail! When my son checked the mail a few days ago, he literally ran into the house waving the large envelope in the air yelling, “It’s here! Our lesson is here!”  The map is excellent! My color printer is out right now, so having a printed colored map is great! The letter was fun to read and gave me the idea to make a country travel brochure project.  The cookbook is filled with not only Argentina facts and recipes but other countries as well! We love that book! As mentioned earlier in this post, we will be making some recipes from it soon. Thank you so very much, Erica for putting this study about Argentina together for us! We love it!

Country Travel Brochure Project:

When we read these words “pretend you are a travel agent. What would you tell your clients about visiting Argentina?” in Erica’s letter, I decided to put together a mini-country study project called the Country Travel Brochure. I had done a similar project years ago with my students in a fourth grade class. It turned out well then, so I decided to put another one together so that others could print it and use it in their classroom or homeschool country study. It is a tri-fold front and back printed template brochure that can be purchased here.

Here is the one my son is working on about Argentina:

This template will work with any country.


These lessons were so fun to put together and to use! I am so glad I participated in this collaboration. I encourage you to go to the links at the beginning of this post to check out the other Hispanic Heritage Lesson Boxes that were sent and received! They just might spur you to do a study about a Central or South American country with your children or class.

Have a great day! Good bye!     Que tengas un gran dia! Adios!

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    Thank you so much for your thoughtful unit study. That crafts were a big hit!

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