2019-2020 Curriculum Review Part 4: Bible and Science

Welcome to the 2019-2020 Curriculum Review Part 4: Bible and Science!  I have joined five other fabulous homeschooling mammas in this curriculum review journey. They are providing some great information on the curriculum they will be using this upcoming school year. I encourage you to go to their sites to watch their videos on youtube or read their posts on their blog:

Youtubers:  Kim of The Homeschooling Grammy, Corrine of Mama’s Little Lambs, Vani of Mrs. Mom’s Homeschool and Ingrid of Mommy & Mia Homeschool Chronicles

Blogger: Lisa of MammaWit Haven

Bible Curriculum

This last year I found a superb Bible curriculum called Positive Action Bible Curriculum. This curriculum is not only biblically sound in doctrine but also helps children and young adults in learning how to apply biblical doctrine and principles into their own lives. My son thoroughly enjoyed working through the workbook and looking up Scripture to find answers to the questions.

This year we will be using the 6th grade book called “Winning the Race.”

Bible curriculum pic

The 6th grade level focuses on encouraging the child to not give up in the race of life and explains the dangers and the helps of God along the way. Here are the unit titles:

  1. Preparing for the Race
  2. Developing Inner Strength
  3. Striving for the Prize
  4. Hindrances to the Runner
  5. Pressing Toward the Goal
  6. The Prize is Won

Why did I choose this curriculum over others?

I chose this curriculum for these reasons:

  • Biblically sound doctrine
  • Includes a colorful and easy to read workbook for the child to write in as lessons are taught
  • Lessons give Scripture references allowing the student to use their own Bible from which to read the verses
  • Encourages the child to look up Scriptures for themselves to find answers to questions
  • Encourages the child to develop their own personal relationship with Christ,  evaluate their own Christian walk, and shows them biblically how to improve

Here are some sample pages from the workbook:


Science Curriculum

This year we will be continuing with our science curriculum “God’s Design for Chemistry & Ecology” by Answers in Genesis Homeschool Curriculum. This specific curriculum set includes the following:

  • Properties of Ecosystems student and teacher book
  • Properties of Atoms & Molecules student and teacher book
  • Properties of Matter student and teacher book
  • Downloadable activity pages along with tests and test keys

We finished the Properties of Ecosystems book this past year. ( I tend to be one that likes to add to and have more in-depth studies on some topics. Those that know me would a agree with that. LOL) The curriculum itself included plenty to keep a child busy learning, but I wanted to use the Properties of Atoms & Molecules book for my son’s 6th grade year. Hence the reason I “spread it out.” (That plus I love studying about the ecosystems!)

So, this year, we will be using the Atoms & Molecules book along with another curriculum add in–Northwest Treasures Geology for Kids kit. This is a fabulous kit we found at the FPEA homeschool conference this year.

science 1 pics.jpg

I couldn’t believe how many rock, mineral, and fossil samples were included in the kit! When my son saw this at the convention, he literally begged me to get it to go along with our studies. He rarely does that about any subject other than history, so I went ahead and got it. I mean, who am I to stifle his wanting to learn more about geology? By the way, these pictures do not do the samples justice. LOL. I didn’t take them out of the bags yet.

I would like to add that I found it really neat the way the book, journal, and samples work together hand in hand. This company has so many choices when it comes to studying about science! This is just one of their many kits.

I am also including a few weeks an Ocean study. We did a little last year, but since my son loves to snorkel, snuba, and wants to go scuba diving soon, I thought it would be good to include a few weeks of that type of study. I have put together some different books from our own home library and purchases from Goodwill. We may even find some more at our public library. We love going to the library! I will also be adding a free download that I was able to get this past fall from The Good and The Beautiful .

Marine Biology with Cover _V1.0 copy.jpg

Here is what I have put together so far:

ocean science books.jpg

  • Ocean Life Dictionary by Scholastic Books
  • Big Book of Big Sea Creatures and Some Little Ones Too by Usborne Books
  • Nature Anatomy by Julia Rothman
  • Ocean Explorer by Sue Nicholson
  • The Ocean: Consider the Connections by the Center of Environmental Education (ISBN 0-96152-940-7)
  • The Kingfisher Young People’s Book of Oceans by David Lambert (Scholastic Books)
  • Under the Sea by Dr. Frank H. Talbot, The Nature Company Discoveries Library, Time Life Books
  • Animals Without Backbones — Science Works for Kids Series by Evan-Moor EMC 855

Finally, we will be adding some health/nutrition into our studies. We will be using the Abeka 5th grade Health curriculum along with some additional books and videos from home and the library. Some of which are pictured below.

health books.jpg

I hope this has been helpful to you and an inspiration as you choose your Bible and science curriculums.

Don’t forget to comment below with what curriculums choices you have made for this coming school year in Bible and science. I would love to read what you have chosen. Also, visit the links of my co-hosts above to see their reviews as well.

Have a great day!

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      Thank you! Yes, we are excited about the geology study!

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